Pease Pottage can provide background music from a specific period for your venue or draw from several centuries of tunes and dances. Alternatively, the entertainment can be more structured. A selection of our favourite programmes is listed here, though we are happy to plan something new for you.

Medieval Programmes

Romance and Revelry - music and stories of medievel Europe. Two Canterbury Tales - interspersed with music of the period. Robin and Marian - stories combined with music of the period.
Listen to Examples of Medieval music.

Celtic Tales and Old Dance Tunes - a flavour of the times of yore including tales from Arthur's court.
Seasonal: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - with interludes of music of the period.

Tudor and Elizabethan Programmes

A Tudor Celebration - melodies and dance tunes combined with short tales and poems of the period. A Musical Banquet - a variety of musical styles of the time. Choice Musick - music from the 1480's to early 1600's. Possibly with an emphasis on music from a particular country - England, France, Italy or Germany for example.
Listen to Examples of Tudor and Elizabethan music.

A Merrie Carole - to include Christmastide carols of the Tudor and Elizabethan times from Britain and Europe interspersed with seasonal stories.

Nowell Sing We - to include Christmastide carols of the Tudor and Elizabethan times, some of which are still popular today, enlivened with merry tales.