Pease Pottage has a repertoire that draws from several centuries of tunes and dances. A small selection of selection of audio clips from different periods are available to listen to below.

Medieval Music
Recorder and bagpipes.
Ductia, France.
Gemshorn and harp.
Cantiga, Spain.
Shawn and Drum.
From Carmina Burana, Germany.

"Such wonderful music. So pleased that we chose a day when you were here."
"We really felt that we were back in Tudor times, so enjoyable."

Comments from Halls Croft, Stratford-upon-Avon.
Tudor and Elizabethan
Recorder and curtal.
Faerie Rounde, A. Holborne.
Recorder and harp.
Greensleeves, Anon.
Recorder and crummhorn.
Trolly Lolly, W. Cornyshe.
Recorder and bagpipes.
Sword Dance, Trad.
Georgian and Regency
Coming soon
A selection of music from the Georgian and Regency periods